Lead Full-stack Python+React Developer

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We are looking for Senior FS Python/React Developer. At ThirstySprout, we connect great remote developers with great American Startups. Our clients include billion-dollar companies such as, WeWork, and other well-funded startups from accelerators such as Y-Combinator. We hire engineers that are passionate about building world-class products.

PLEASE, BE INFORMED:  everyone will go through a verification process where we check your identity!


Job Type: full time

Location: USA, Seattle

Experience: 5+ years

Probation period: 1-2 months

Required English level: native, advanced


Lambda, SQS, EC2, Beanstalk, Elasticsearch, Python, aiohttp, asyncio, xpath, scraping, flask, REST, REST and Web sockets, CI/CD.


• Define and oversee our system design and architecture

• Spearhead the development of the company API (to power verifications for marketplaces, e-commerce, screening companies, etc.)

• Lead the implementations of our product with customers (e.g., with Amazon, Yelp, with the CTO of startups)

• Lead the integrations with partners (e.g., background check companies, ID verification companies)

• Be responsible for our technical performance (e.g., uptime, response time, • SLA to resolve high severity issues)

• Be a thought leader for Companies product roadmap

• Lead the rest of the engineering team through influence (not as a software manager, to begin with)


• Expert Python Developer (with some experience/understanding of aiohttp, asyncio, xpath, scraping, flask, REST, Elasticsearch)

• Is an expert in building & testing suites for API (REST and Web sockets), the kind of testing we are intending to integrate are: Unit tests, Integration tests (also integration with AWS), load testing and health checks.

• Expert in AWS and architect using AWS (Currently using: Lambda, SQS, EC2, Beanstalk, Elasticsearch).

• Expert in deployment/release strategies using CI and CD tools and creating pipelines for deployment and releasing.


• Well-rounded, full-stack Python developer, dependable IC

• Demonstrates ability to design large technical systems

• Demonstrates ability to invent solutions with relatively high autonomy

• Demonstrates ability to consistently own uptime & other technical performance

• Must show strength with backend & API-centered B2B solutions

• Demonstrates experience or the potential to grow as the engineering manager of a small team (4-6 engineers)

Leadership traits we’re looking for:

• Take initiative / Self-starter

• Desire for excellence / High standards

• Bias for Action

• Earns Trust from others

• Demonstrates customer empathy

• Gets excited about (and not intimidated by) obscure & tough problems

• Driven & Hungry for career growth

• Resilient & perseverant

• Open to coaching & feedback

• Is a referent or mentors to other in the organization

• Delivers Results

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